Dictionary of Australian Slang

G'day, mate! Learn these Australian slang words and phrases and you'll feel at home on your first day Down Under.

Aggro - abbreviation for aggravated, aggressive, aggression.
Ankle biter - a small or young child.
Arvo - afternoon.
Av-a-go-yer-mug - a phrase used to encourage someone to put more effort into something.
Aussie - an Australian.

Bangers - sausages.
Barney - an argument, fight.
Beano / Beanfeast - a festivity, celebration.
Beanie - a small close fitting knitted cap often with a pom pom on top.
Big smoke - the city.
Billabong - a waterhole.
Billy - a container, usually makeshift, for boiling water or tea; a receptacle used for smoking marijuana.
Bloke - a man.
Bludger - a lazy person who evades responsibilities, often applied to one who collects the dole and doesn't try to find work.
Blue - to fight, a dispute; depressed in spirits; a mistake; .
Bluey - a nickname for a red-headed person; a breed of Australian work dog.
Bonza - excellent, attractive, pleasing.
Bottlo - a Bottle shop or Liquor store.
Bush telegraph / bush wire - unofficial communication network by which rumours are spread.
Bushwhacker - one who lives in the bush.
Bushwacked - extremely fatigued or exhausted.
Bush week - a fictitious week when country people come to town; a time of year when stupid things happen.
Bushytailed - full of health and good spirits.
Bust - to apprehend for an illegal activity; to go bankrupt; a police raid.
Butt - the buttocks, bottom.

Cakehole - mouth.
Can-do - capable and obliging.
Centralia - the inland region of Australia.
Champers - champagne.
Chinwag - a chat, conversation.
Chook - a chicken.
Cobber - a mate, friend.
Cockeyed - twisted or slanted to one side; foolish, absurd.
Codger - a bloke, fellow, especially elderly and a little odd.
Compo - compensation for injury; workers compensation.
Corker - something striking or astonishing; something very good of its kind.
Crapper - toilet.
Creepy-crawley - an insect.
Crook - sick, disabled, bad inferior; a thief; to get angry.
Crown Jewels - the testicles.
Cut up - to cause distress to; to criticise severley.

Dag - a person with little or no dress sense, uncouth.
Date - buttocks; a date roll is a roll of toilet paper.
Dick stickers - mens brief style bathers.
Digger - an Australian soldier, especially one who served in World War I.
Ding - a dent or damaged section of a car, bike, surfboard, etc.
Dinkum / dinki-di - true, honest, genuine.
Down the road - term indicating distance but no particular distance, it could be a few hundred metres but may be a few hundred miles.
Drongo - slow-witted or stupid person.
Dunny - an outside toilet, lavatory.

Earbash - to talk incessantly, someone who talks too much.

Fair dinkum - real, genuine, true.
Few sandwiches short of a picnic - slow witted, not all together.
Footy - rugby league.
Fridge - the refrigerator.
Full as a boot - intoxicated.
Full of it - someone is full of it if they are a liar.

G'day, gidday - a greeting meaning good day.
Gee-whiz - an expression indicating astonishment.
Get stuffed - go away.
Get the shits - to become angry, upset or short tempered.
Gnarly - difficult, awkward; terrific, excellent.
Go a meal or drink - could eat a meal or have a drink.
Go for broke - to risk all ones capital.
Greenie - deprecatory term for an environmentalist.
Grog / booze - alcohol. beer, spirits.
Grommet - an idiot; a young surfer
Grouse - very good.
Grub - food.

Hack it - to tolerate something or to keep up.
Hair of the dog - an alcoholic drink taken to relieve a hangover.
Half your luck - an expression often indicating envy of one's goodwill can also be a congratulatory remark or best wishes blessing.
Hard yacka - hard work.
Hassle - to give problems, complications or aggravations.
Homestead - main residence on a sheep or cattle station (ranch or farm).
Hooroo - goodbye.

In the shit - in serious trouble.

Jingoes - exclamation of surprise.
Joe Blake - snake (rhyming slang).
John - toilet.
Jumbuck - a sheep.

Kick in - contribute money to something.
Knock off - to steal something; a counterfeit product.

Lag - to inform on someone.
Lair - flashily dressed young man of brash or vulgar behaviour.
Larrikin - a lout, a mischievous young chap.
Laughing gear - mouth.
Loo - toilet.

Mad as a cut snake - crazy.
Mate - usually a friend or acquaintance but anyone can be a mate.
Middy - a middle-sized (285ml) glass of beer.
Mug - a fool, one easily duped.

Nong - a fool, idiot.
Noah / noah's ark - a shark (rhyming slang).

Ocker - the uncultivated Australian workingman; boorish, uncouth.
Ol' cheese - mother.
Ol' man - father.
Oldies - parents.
On a good lurk - on to a good thing.
On ya mate - usually means well done but often used sarcastically.
Open slather - free-for-all, anything goes.
Oz - Australia.

Piker - someone who doesn't want to do something especially within a group.
Pissed - drunk.
Pissed off - disgruntled, fed up.
Plonk - any alcoholic liquor, especially cheap wine.
Poddy-dodger - a cattle rustler, one who steals unbranded calves.
Pollie / polly - a politician.
Pommie / Pom - English person (usually whinging pom).
Prawn - a shrimp.
Pub - a hotel, short for public house. Usually taken to mean the bar or drinking area in a hotel.

Rack off - go away, get lost.
Rag - a newspaper or a woman who sleeps around.
Ratbag - rascal, rogue.
Ripper / rip snorter - great, terrific.
Roo - short for kangaroo.

Sandshoes - casual footwear, joggers.
Sanga - a sandwich or sausage.
Schooner - a large-sized (425ml) glass of beer.
Scrub up - dress up.
Seppo / Septic tank - an American (rhyming slang for yank).
Servo - a petrol / service / gas station.
Sheila - girl, woman.
She'll be apples - all is well (rhyming slang).
Shout - buy or pay for; a round of drinks in the pub.
Skite - boast, brag.
Slab - a carton of 24 beer cans.
Slugo's - mens brief style bathers.
Smoko - a break from work to indulge in chit-chat and a cigarette
Spine bashing - resting, loafing.
Spit the dummy - get very upset about something.
Sport - used as a term of address usually between males like mate.
Squib - to behave in a cowardly manner or to back down.
Stickybeak - to pry or meddle; one who pries or meddles.
Strine - Australian English.
Struth - an exclamation expressing surprise or verification.
Stubby - a small bottle of beer.
Sunnies - a pair of sunglasses.
Swag - a large number or unspecified number.

Ta / tar - thanks.
Tart - once meaning 'sweet heart' but now a derogatory word for a woman.
Tee up - to organise something.
Thingy / thingo / thingummyjig - any thing that doesn't have a precise name.
Tightarse - someone who wont buy a drink or wont part with money.
Tinnie - a can of beer.
True blue - genuine.
Tucker - food.

Uee - a U turn.
Up a gum tree - in difficulties, stranded.
Up shit creek - in trouble (often without a paddle indicating serious trouble).
Ute - small truck, short for utility truck.

VB - Victoria Bitter, a beer.

Walkabout - a period of wandering, usually in reference to Aborigines.
Walloper - one who thrashes someone.
Wally - someone who keeps making mistakes.
Wanker - one who masturbates; a person who is full of themself, egotistical.
Waxxy / wax head - a surfer.
Wedding tackle - a penis.
Westie - someone from Sydney's western suburbs, often used derogatorily to mean uneducated and/or uncultured. Also someone who acts like a westie.
What-da-ya-know - an expression of surprise; a friendly phrase used to open a conversation.
Wombat - a simple minded person.
Wog - a derogatory term for a foreigner, especially one of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern extraction.

XXXX - a Queensland beer brand (pronounced four ex).

Yarn - a story.
Yobbo - loutish, surly youth.
Yonks - a long period of time.

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